VariBend™ Eliminates Secondary Bending Operations

Mate’s VariBend tool uses the punch press more effectively and eliminates some secondary bending operations. So, if you do a lot of bending and are looking to reduce costs, VariBend is worth looking into. A flexible, multi-purpose tool, VariBend allows forming of sheet metal tabs in a punch press. It may be used for a range of material thicknesses, and to form tabs at any angle up to (and in some cases exceeding) 90°.

VariBend works when the upper forming tool is lowered on to the sheet until bending begins. The flange is over bent to account for the material springback. As the upper returns, the desired bend is formed. This tool is well suited for machines with upforming capabilities and especially stroke control. Upforming allows the highest form possible for the tool design. Since the die sits lower than a forming die in a normal forming operation, the sheet lies flatter. This increases the accuracy of the formed tab and reduces sheet marking on the bottom side of the sheet. In machines with stroke control, VariBend assures easy setup and accuracy when forming tabs.

VariBend can also be used in machines without upforming capabilities or stroke control features. Depending on the height of the turret gap of the user’s machine, the formed tab height may be restricted. In a thick turret environment, Mate’s Ultraform® holders may be used for length adjustment. Formed angles can be modified by adjusting the length of the Ultraform holder with the tools installed.

VariBend is available in a wide range of tooling styles and station sizes, including thick turret, Trumpf-style and Murata Wiedemann. The minimum material thickness is 0.20” (0.51mm), regardless of material. The maximum material thickness is 0.98” (2.49mm) in mild steel and aluminum, and 0.079” (2.01mm) in stainless steel.

Watch an animation of how VariBend works in a Trumpf Style environment at our YouTube® channel:

Download the VariBend Solution Bulletin.

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John Galich

John Galich is Marketing Manager at Mate Precision Technologies.