A Great Way to Eliminate Die Marks and Scratches

Mate polyurethane film in different widthsWhen a press brake forming job requires a blemish free surface, just one scratch or die mark can be a real headache. Even when the parts are covered with a protective PVC coating, we can end up with die marks, especially around holes, notches, and cutouts. One die mark or scratch could add hours of rework to a job, or worse, the part may need to be remade.

Mate’s anti-scratch polyurethane film is a great way to eliminate die marks and scratches. The polyurethane film is placed on top of the bottom die before bending. The film protects against scratches while the part is being positioned on the die and against the back gauge. More importantly the polyurethane film protects the part while it is being bent. The part never touches the die.

Mate’s polyurethane film is available in .015” and .030” thicknesses in widths of four or six inch. Each size comes in convenient 100 foot rolls. The film can be simply laid on the die or held in position with magnets or tape.

Better yet, you can use one of Mate’s polyurethane film holders to securely hold the film in place. Mate offers two types of film holders. The magnetic polyurethane film holder attaches to the back and to the ends of the die with powerful rare earth magnets on each holder. These holders work with any style press brake tooling. The holders are adjustable front to back to utilize the full width of the film. The holders can be used with four or six inch wide film.

magnetic polyurethane film holders before installationMagnetic polyurethane film holder being mounted to diePolyurethane film holders attached to die and in use

The rail mount polyurethane film holder clamps into any 60mm wide die holder or bed on a European style brake. The rail mount film holder utilizes a slotted round bar to firmly hold the film (up to four inches wide). Adjusting front to back is easy with a turn of the lower two knobs. The height is adjustable to accommodate a variety of die heights.

Rail mounted polyurethane film holderRail mounted polyurethane film holder installed Rail mounted polyurethane film holders in use

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Larry Boden is Press Brake Tooling Specialist at Mate Precision Technologies.