Shake-and-break is a popular name for this easy method of separating multiple parts from a sheet of material.  The method is based on small, interconnecting tabs between the parts created by programming spacing of the shearing or slitting punch.  These tabs keep the sheet and parts intact while being punched, yet easy to separate off the machine.  A starting point for tabs can be .008(0.2) wide. The size can be varied to increase/decrease holding strength. Straight, curved, or corner shaped tools are available.

The most appropriate micro-joint technique is dependent upon the configuration of the product being fabricated.  Rectangle shaped tools can be used to create micro-joints at outside corners.  Bowtie or fishtail shaped tools can create micro-joints along a common parting line. Trapezoidal shaped tools can be used to create micro-joints when only one side of the tool corresponds with a part.  There are other possible methods to create micro-joints depending upon the parts being fabricated. Contact a Mate Precision Technologies Application Specialist to discuss your options.