Hemming and Hinge Tooling


Typical Application

Material thickness up to 0.118(3.00MM). The edge of the sheet metal includes either a hem (or safety edge), or a hinge.

Tool Operation

The form is typically produced in multiple hits. The first hit is an acute form. The subsequent hit(s) form the hem or the hinge using the secondary working surface of the tool. The precise geometry of the components is developed during the design phase, and may include pre-production testing.

3D PDF Downloads

Adobe® Acrobat® Reader DC or similar is required for viewing 3D models in PDFs

• Click on the link(s) below. Depending on your browser you may see a blank page, which is OK.
• Download file(s) to your computer by clicking the downward arrow (↓) on the upper right side of the screen.
• Go to the folder to where the file was downloaded
• Right click on the file you want to open
• Select “Open wIth” then select Acrobat Reader
• When file opens in Acrobat a yellow alert bar will appear. Select “Options” then select “Trust this document…”
• Double click on the gray box with the question mark
• 3D rendering will appear

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These images represent examples of the type of precision press brake tooling detailed in our quotation. The specific details of the tooling solution for your application will vary. Please contact your Mate Sales Engineer or Application Specialist for additional information. Email: orders@mate.com