Mate Trapter™: Trumpf Style Adapters for Thick Turret Punch Presses

  January 25, 2019

Many fabricators operate different machine brands in their operations. Existing tooling inventory has high value and some product designs demand special forming applications. This is why Mate Precision Technologies developed a new series of tool holders that allows customers to utilize Trumpf style punching and forming tools in a new thick turret machine. Called Trapter™, the Trumpf style tool adapter is available for D-size thick turret tool holders and may be used in any thick turret machine. Trapter can be used in both index and fixed D-stations in the turret.

Trapter is a transition tool only; the intent is that customers would use up their existing Trumpf style inventory, then switch to thick turret tooling. The piercing assembly can be converted to use standard thick turret tooling when there is no longer a need for using Trumpf piercing tools.

Punching and Forming Trapters

The Punching Trapter is easy to use, just drop in the punching tool and click the stripper in place. Similarly, the Forming Trapter is also easy to use, just drop in the forming tool and measure the total length for machine setup. Removing either the punching or forming tools is simple: just push the button next to the guide and remove the tool. The die holder is a simple adapter and suitable for all Trumpf style punching dies. Mate Trapters can be used with all Trumpf style punching and forming tools and sizes except Size 3.

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