Mate Precision Technologies Exhibits Latest Solutions at FABTECH CANADA 2014

  January 31, 2014

Anoka, Minnesota: FABTECH Canada 2014 starts at the Mate Precision Technologies exhibit, booth 1217 in Toronto, March 18-20. Mate brings an even bigger presence to this year’s FABTECH, Canada’s largest fabricating, metal forming, finishing and welding event. Here are Mate’s headliners:

Mate’s New VariBend™ Tooling Performs 90° Bends On A Punch Press

Mate’s VariBend is a flexible, multi-purpose tool that bends sheet metal tabs at any angle up to 90°. It eliminates time-consuming secondary operations usually performed on a press brake. VariBend’s bending angle is adjustable in 1° increments and will handle the specific material types and thickness for which it was designed. VariBend will produce form heights of approximately 0.300 inch to 0.700 inch (7.60mm -17.75mm). Programmed as a normal forming tool (regular forming or as an up-forming tool), VariBend operates with CNC punch press accuracy and with little or no sheet marking.
Mate’s VariBend is well-suited for punch presses with upforming capabilities and especially machines with stroke control. For thick turret machines without stroke control, Mate’s Ultraform® holder can be used for length adjustment. VariBend is available in many tooling styles and station sizes.

Mate’s New Premia™ Sharpening System

Mate’s Premia™ is the ultimate automated tool sharpening system. It features an innovative touch screen interface that simplifies all tool setup and maintenance operations. Everything is menu-driven, with three standard programs for small, medium and large tools, plus two more that are completely customizable. These programs ensure sharpening consistency, no matter who operates the machine. If an operator prefers manual operation, there’s Premia’s manual mode. For maximum operator versatility, the interface allows a choice of language and measurement units. The software interface is easily updatable via a USB port or SD card.

Premia’s operation is effortless, starting with the universal fixture that accommodates all popular tooling styles including thick turret, Trumpf style, Murata Wiedemann, Multi Tool, thin turret, XMT and Salvagnini. Essentially all the operator needs to do is insert the tool in the universal fixture, select the appropriate program from the menu, press “Start” and Premia sharpens the tool without assistance. The software even provides an estimated time to completion and automatic shutoff.
Premia has numerous best-in-class features including the most powerful motor (3.3kW); a large 10.5 gallon (40 liter) coolant tank; the ability to sharpen tools with diameters as small as 0.031”(0.8mm) and as large as 7.50”(190,5mm); and a dual-stage coolant filtration system that extends coolant life and reduces maintenance.

Mate’s UltraTEC® A and B M4PM™ Steel Punches

Mate’s UltraTEC® A and B punches are now available in optional M4PM steel for high performance punching applications. M4PM steel has at least 50 percent or greater wear resistance according to independent metallurgical experts. M4PM is a high speed, particle metallurgy steel that combines the chemical composition of M4, particle metallurgy manufacturing and a triple temper treatment process.
For the most demanding punching projects, M4PM offers superior resistance to adhesive and abrasive-wear to maximize interval between regrinds. The increased alloy content results in higher effective hardness for better wear resistance. A more uniform distribution of smaller carbides results in significantly reduced tool breakage and edge chipping. M4PM steel helps ensure increased machine uptime, improved sheet metal products, lower tooling and production costs.

Trumpf Style Special Application And Special Shape Tooling Support

New for Trumpf press users is Mate’s innovative support for forming applications and special shape tooling. Mate now provides complete setup and Trutops programming information for special shapes and forming applications for all of its Trumpf customers This value-added product enhancement is automatic and provided at no added cost.
The setup and programming information allows the customer to securely access drawings of special shapes and special assemblies ordered from Mate. Customers may download the files from their secure my.mate account via any internet-linked PC 24/7 for use. It’s easy, fast and secure. Even better, customers signed up for Trumpf files eNotification also have the files emailed to them while Mate is still producing the tool. When the tools arrive, customers are up and operating as quickly as possible.
Attending FABTECH Canada 2014 and visiting with the Mate tooling professionals will provide you with new solutions when your fabricating project requires new ways to work smarter, operate leaner and boost productivity. From architecture as art, to everything in between and beyond, Mate Precision Technologies provides fabricators with the solutions needed to get the job done. Mate Precision Technologies … “Forming A Better Way”.
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