Fold Sheet Metal Without Leaving Marks with CleanBend Press Brake Dies

The types of bends and folds sheet metal fabricators are required to make are nearly limitless, which is why they can never have too many press brake dies at their disposal. It’s also why we’re constantly expanding our press brake product line. In fact, you may have seen our recent announcement about our new Mate CleanBend forming technology.

CleanBend is different from classic bending in that it is used to fold, rather than bend, sheet metal. Designed with two opposing spring-loaded, half-moon rollers that rotate as force is applied in the middle of the die, the end result is a clean bend which effectively eliminates the sheet markings which normally exist after bending. CleanBend is ideal for working with material where the finish must not show scratches or marks, such as highly polished, painted, or foil-covered materials.

Other primary applications of include:

  • Short flange
  • Flange to a diagonal sharp
  • Across preexisting holes
  • Across a notch or gap
  • Sensitive or delicate materials
  • Tread plate

The CleanBend forming technology is available for press brakes configured with European Precision style lowers and Wila Trumpf style lowers. For press brakes configured with American Precision style tooling, we offer a simple adapter that converts the European Precision style CleanBend to be used with the inch dimensioned lowers.

We are expanding our line of press brake dies all the time, which includes a wide range of standard tools for making Z-Offsets, hemming and large radii. For more information, download our latest catalogs.

Blog Author

Frank Baeumler

Frank Baeumler is Vice President Workholding at Mate Precision Technologies.