One-Hit-Hinge™ Reduces Hits, Part Costs

Hinges, a more complex form, are no longer a headache to produce in a punch press. With today’s technology—punch presses with stroke control—your machine does the work for you. Using a hinge tool on the turret press, fabricators can form knuckles of different lengths and diameters. As a result, fabricated metal enclosures and similar cabinetry that require hinges can be fabricated with integral hinge knuckles. Doing so eliminates secondary operations to attach hinge components and can eliminate the need for separate hinges, fasteners, spot welds or other downstream assembly operations.

Traditionally, forming a hinge on a punch press involves two forming tools: one fabricates the pre-curl and the second closes the hinge. However, this operation takes three total forming strokes, and the machine gap may limit the hinge diameter. Mate has a new solution that reduces the hits, lowers the part cost and allows you to increase the diameter.

Mate’s One-Hit-Hinge™ tool forms two sections of a curl on two separate knuckles, creating a closed circle. When assembled with mating forms, the pin is held securely in place by 360° contact. Since the One-Hit-Hinge does not have to be formed straight up and curled down (3-hi style), the hinge diameter can be larger and will not interfere with the machine gap. Use the Mate One-Hit-Hinge to reduce the number of tool hits, increase form size and reduce part cost.

Mate’s One-Hit-Hinge tool is typically used for mild steel and aluminum ranging from .030(0.70mm) to .080 (2.0mm) thickness. In addition, it may be suitable for stainless steel in specific applications. The One-Hit-Hinge tool is available in most tooling styles, including Ultra TEC™, Trumpf-style, Murata Wiedemann 114 and 112 styles, Thin Turret and Salvagnini.

Go to Mate’s YouTube channel to watch a video of the One-Hit-Hinge tool at work in a turret press.

Download the One-Hit-Hinge Solution Bulletin.

Blog Author

John Galich

John Galich is Marketing Manager at Mate Precision Technologies.