Mate Precision Technologies Adds 55 mm High Wila Trumpf Style Press Brake Dies

Today we wanted to focus on a new addition to the Wila Trumpf style press brake tooling family – 55 mm high press brake dies. When we first launched our press brake tooling line last year we knew we would be adding additional product variations to the product family quickly. The 55 mm high dies are the latest addition and complement the already supported 100 mm and 150 mm high dies.

So why is this a big deal? The 55 mm high dies are ideally suited to help expand the capabilities of the press brake where the gap between the upper and lower tools is a constraint. By using the 55 mm high press brake die as compared with a 100 mm high die you add 45 mm of working area or 95 mm more compared to the 150 mm high die. That is additional space to make all kind of parts.

The 55 mm high dies help part designers and machine operators do more with their machines by providing added flexibility to produce a wider range of products. For example, a fabricating shop could make bends for a radio chassis in the morning, a medical device in the afternoon and agriculture equipment in the evening using the same tool. And like all press brake tooling we offer, the 55 mm high press brake dies are precision ground and induction hardened for extra durability. They also come with Mate’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

We’re listening to the needs of our customers and the marketplace. That’s why we’re continually adding additional products including now the Wila Trumpf style 55 mm high press brake dies. They are currently available in 24 profiles with V-opening angle options of 90, 88, 85, 60 and 30. Be sure to contact your sales engineer to learn more or place your order.

Blog Author

Frank Baeumler

Frank Baeumler is Vice President Workholding at Mate Precision Technologies.