Identifying Your Press Brake Tooling Style

Mate supplies four styles of high-performance precision press brake tooling.  All four styles are identified by reviewing the specific geometry associated with the punch tang, regardless of the geometry of the tool profile. Use the following information to recognize the Bevel Tang Style, European Precision Style, Wila Trumpf Style or American Precision Style press brake tooling within your press brake environment.

American Precision Style:

American Precision Style tooling features a 0.500-inch wide tang. Shown below are two common configurations:

Bevel Tang Style Tooling:

This style of tooling is designed for use in newer Amada Style press brakes where the punch tang has an angle to fit properly with the receiving clamp.  All dies are the same as those found in the European Precision Style product line.


European Precision Style Tooling:

This style of tooling features a 13mm wide tang, with a rectangular section groove on the side of the punch facing the operator. The tang engages with the receiver within the press brake.


Wila Trumpf Style Tooling:

Wila Trumpf Style tooling features a 20mm wide tang, with a groove in the front and back of the tang. In addition, the punch is retained into the holder with one of two mechanisms as follows.

Fast Change Button

– All tooling with a weight of 27.6lbs(12,5kg) or less will include a spring loaded Fast Change button.  This enables tooling to be installed conveniently from the front of the press.



– Any tooling with a weight of 27.6lbs(12,5kg) or greater will include pin on the punch. The punch will be installed from the side of the press.


Other Tooling Styles:

If your press brake tooling has a punch tang configuration that differs from the two styles shown above, then they are not currently supported by Mate.