What About the Base?

When it comes to workholding systems, what about the base? Just how important is it? We’ve said before that machinists demand accuracy, repeatability and a lack of surprises. These demands apply to all of the components of a workholdling system. When Mate decided to enter the 52/96 quick change zero-point workholding market, we didn’t have preconceived notions of how to build the products. We also wanted to use our own knowledge and experience in designing, machining, and manufacturing precision products from tool steels, so as we looked at each of the components to see how we could make a better, more accurate system, we started with the base.

Building the Best Zero-Point Workholding Base

As we evaluated clamping system designs, we determined that pushing against the pull stud with a rod or wedge limits the amount of contact area and pushes away from the base center. Everything in our approach drives to the center. Securing a vise to a DynoLock base requires manually turning a 6-mm hex wrench, ideally to 20 Nm (175 in-lbs) of torque. As you turn the hex wrench, the base mechanism grabs each stud with a yoke that contacts half its circumference and pulls it toward the center. Mate also precision grinds a ring around the pull stud and a corresponding ID in the bottom of the base; this ensures location repeatability and lockdown force when used with DynoLock bases.

We’re the only company that pulls from the exterior diameter of the pull studs to the center, which is how we get awesome accuracy and repeatability. Together, you’ve got the accuracy of the base construction communicating directly to the accuracy of the pull studs, which are attached to the vise. The DynoLock base boasts top tool on center accuracy of ±13 µm with repeatability of 5 µm. It also includes a precision ground center hole, making it easy for a machine probe to locate the base. The best-in-class force required to separate the top tool from the base is greater than 22 kN in the 52 family and 26 kN in the 96 family.

Mate DynoLock bases have what it takes to secure your vise and keep you in the cut.

Blog Author

Austin Heisick

Austin Heisick is Global Workholding Product Manager for Mate Precision Technologies.