Mate Press Brake Radius Tool Insert/Holder System: More Cost Effective Choices

When planning to form parts with large radius bends, selecting a punch radius size that will compensate for spring-back and achieve the correct results can be challenging and unpredictable. Having the right tool for the application can save time and reduce frustration without breaking the bank.

During the design stage, test bending the actual material to be used with the available tools usually isn’t the most efficient option to stay on schedule. It’s frustrating to plan a job with large radius bends and then discover that the bends spring-back more than expected. Typically, the radius comes out a little big, the bend deduction isn’t quite right and the parts aren’t fitting very well. Wouldn’t it be great to have a slightly smaller size radius punch on the shelf ready to go?

Mate has a simple low cost solution. Our large radius punches are designed with replaceable inserts that allow your press brake operators to quickly change the radius size to achieve the correct results. Even if the required size is just a little smaller.

Mate offers a wide standard selection of large radius tool inserts in 25 radii sizes from 7mm to 50mm (.276” to 1.969”). All 25 sizes are available non-hardened, for forming most light gauge materials, or with a hardened wear surface for forming more abrasive materials. The holders for large radius inserts come standard in a variety of shapes including straight, goose neck, short, or tall and are available for European precision style, bevel tang style, and Wila Trumpf style. Holders and inserts come in standard lengths of 415mm and 835 mm (16.34” and 32.87”).

The Mate insert/holder system gives your press brake operators more choices for overcoming those forming surprises.

Blog Author

Larry Boden

Larry Boden is Press Brake Tooling Specialist at Mate Precision Technologies.