Eliminate or Reduce Galling

Solution Bulletin


The Problem

Many fabricators have a problem with galling, the result of when the metal being punched adheres to the punch tip. Galling is caused by pressure and heat, and often occurs when punching aluminum or other ductile materials. When you combine the plasticity (softness) of the highly ductile materials with the heat caused by the punching process (friction), galling occurs.

Within a relatively short period, a galled punch starts producing inferior parts. You need to stop the press, remove the punch to clean it with a fine stone before you can resume punching. This costs time (maintenance) and materials (poorly made parts).

There are a few things you can do to minimize galling, such as ordering punches with 2° total back taper to facilitate stripping; the material is much less likely to adhere to the punch. You can also order a combination of 2° total back taper (1° per side) on the punch and 20% to 30% clearance for the die. Mate’s Maxima® coating is another option. Probably the best way to prevent galling is to consistently apply lubrication to the punch tip.

The Mate Solution

Mate’s Eliminator™ (patents pending) punch tip lubrication pads assist in keeping the punch tip lubricated during the punching process. Not only will they help eliminate unwanted galling during the punching process, they can also help extend tool life and keep the punch from overheating.

Made from polyether foam, Mate Eliminator lubrication pads are easy to install. In many cases you can simply “punch” the hole into the foam using the punch and stripper. After saturating the pad with 46-68 ISO viscosity hydraulic oil, place the punch into the holder and you’re ready for gall-free punching. In fact, during Mate’s extensive product testing, not one sign of galling was found after thousands of hits.

Available Tooling Styles and Station Sizes


  • Trumpf Style: Eliminator pads will work with Size 0, 1, 2 and 3, QuickLock™ and NEXT™ but are based on the size of the punch point. Eliminator pads will not work with Trumpf Style multi tools. See chart below for the maximum recommended diagonal per pad size.
  • Will not work in 112/114 Style Murata Wiedemann or Nova tooling due to clearance and accessibility.