Mate Modular Die Holders — A Great Way to Upgrade Your Press Brake

Setting up a press brake is all about controlling variables. The more variables you have to control, the longer it takes to work out the inaccuracies during a setup.

During years of normal use, a press brake bed/die holder may become worn, dented, and dinged to the point that part quality and setup times are negatively impacted by those variables.

Mate Precision Technologies has a convenient solution: Modular die holders that connect together to act as one solid full length piece, designed to fit any length press brake.

You will see improved part quality and setup times for many years because Mate’s modular die holders have precision ground work surfaces that eliminate those variables you have struggled with for years.

Installation is simplified by the modular design with manageable lengths of 1050mm (41.34”) and 520mm (20.47”) which are assembled tightly together with included connector plates.

If by chance a section happens to get damaged, simply disconnect the damaged section and move it to the end of the brake where it will be used less often until you decide to replace it.

Three styles are available:

  • The universal style will accept European, Trumpf/Wila, and American style dies.
  • The 60mm (2.36”) wide modular die holder will accept European style dies.
  • The 90mm (3.54”) wide modular die holder will accept large European style wide base dies.

Modular die holders can be used with or without the die tang. Tangs are included for Trumpf/Wila and American style brakes.
The removable tang design allows the modular die holders to work well in virtually any press brake.
The low profile design consumes a minimal amount of open height allowing more flexibility in tooling selections.

Mate press brake tools have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Blog Author

Larry Boden

Larry Boden is Press Brake Tooling Specialist at Mate Precision Technologies.