Notch a variety of angles with one set of 3-way corner notching tools. This is another application for an auto index station. A three-way corner notching tool can cut any angle larger than the smallest point by programming single or multiple hits. 15º is the smallest angle available.


The 3-Way Notching tool can include angles from 150 to 15o. Shown below are two popular arrangements. Fully Guided Tooling is recommended because positive guideing action supports the punch well in notching where only one corner is used at a time.

Min Radii: Aluminum, 1/4T; Mild Steel, 1/2T; Stainless, 1T (T=Thickness)
On narrow angles (A), the sharp edge wears more quickly than blunt angles. We recommend a radius (B) on all angles under 45o to help overcome rapid wear. Since a radius shortens the sharp edge, it may be necessary to pre-punch acute notches to reach a part’s bend line. Use a round or narrow oval hole at least one material thickness in diameter or width. We recommend the oval (C) in most cases because it provides relief where bends meet and forms a tighter joint than a round hole. It is also possible to order a 3-Way Notching Tool with a nose (D) that achieves the same purpose as pre-piercing. The nose can bisect the angle or continue from either side (E).