Blanking is when the slug, normally the scrap part, becomes the saved or good part.  The following recommendations will assist in making good quality blanks:

  • Determine what blank dimensions are critical and notify Mate when ordering that the tools will be used for blanking. When blanking, the die size is the blank size. Punch dimensions are calculated from the die dimensions.
  • Use only sharp punches and dies. This increases the straight or burnished portion of the blank to provide straighter walls on the required parts.
  • Reduce the die clearance by 5%. This helps increase the burnish area and minimizes the dimensional difference between the top and bottom of the blank.
  • Punches should be flat-faced.
  • Use straight taper dies.
  • Inspect tools frequently for wear. We recommend more frequent inspection of the tools, since tools will require sharpening more frequently when using reduced die clearances.