Quad Radius Tool for Auto Index Stations

The quad radius tool nibbles large holes with smoother edges and with far fewer hits than using a round nibbling punch. In effect, the quad radius tool puts an 8, 12, 16 and 20-inch punch into a single 2-inch station. It will nibble holes even larger, but as hole size exceeds a tool radius, scalloping begins to appear. See “program note” below for programming the tool into auto index stations. Fully guided tooling is recommended because the positive guiding action gives the punch the support it needs for nibbling and the stripper clamps the sheet securely to prevent lateral movement.

When ordering, specify machine model, station, maximum tool dimension, radii, thickness and type of material.


Inside/Outside Radius

With this tool, you do not have to stop your machine to remove the slug for an oversize opening, or the blank if saving the slug. Small, precise tabs keep slugs and blanks intact while being punched, yet permit them to break away from each other easily off the machine. The precise tab is created by leaving a .015(0.40) Gap between hits.

The tool’s large radii result in slugs or blanks with smoother edges produced with far fewer hits than using an ordinary radius punch for nibbling holes. One tool punches slugs or blanks of any size practical for its configuration with smoothest edges occurring when radius punched and tool radius coincide.

This tool is for use in auto index stations. Inside radius must be larger than outside radius. This tool can be programmed to punch holes with slugs or parts retained in the sheet, yet can be separated easily off the press.