Corner Rounding

4-Way Corner Rounding

The 4-Way Corner Rounding tool can round all four corners of a piece part without rotating the tooling. Fully Guided Tooling is recommended because positive guiding action supports the punch so that heels are not needed whether punching in the middle of a sheet or along the edge.


9-Way Corner Rounding

A single 9-Way Corner Rounding tool provides nine external popular radii from 1/2 to 1/16 inch. Auto Index programming selects and rotates the desired radius to round off all corner of a piece part. Fully Guided tooling is recommended because positive guiding action is important for support when only one side of the punch is used at a time.

When specifying custom radii, please submit a sketch drawn in the manner above. For adequate corner rounding performance, each radius should include at least 90o of arc (1/4 of a circle). For adequate tool strength, “Noses” between deep radii or groups of radii should be at least .188(4.7) wide as shown above. Any numer of radii that will fit on the tools may be used – limiting factors are tool size and strength.

9-way 9-way_radii