Joining Parts with Hybrid Threadform

Solution Bulletin

The Problem:

In many industries, there’s a need to join two pieces of material using a threaded machine screw. If the thread pitch is greater than the material thickness, then a conventional threadform tool is a great solution. But what if the screw thread to join the two pieces requires a material thickness greater then the pitch of the screw?

Other fastening methods, such as installing a self clinching fastener, using a tapping extrusion or self tapping screw, add expensive secondary operations or special hardware. Is there a cost-effective way to address the issue, especially in a highly competitive industry? Hybrid_Threadform

The Mate Solution:

Mate can solve this problem with the Hybrid Threadform forming tool. Unlike a conventional threadform tool, the hybrid threadform tool is designed to thin the material in the center of the form, and create the threadform helix in just one operation.

At the heart of the tool is an upper and lower insert that is machined with a profile that precisely matches the thread helix of the screw thread. The geometry of this part is modeled electronically by a Mate Applications Specialist using our advanced CAD software, creating a three-dimensional solid model for your specific requirements. The Hybrid Threadform forming tool provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminates secondary operations
  • Eliminates tapping operations
  • Reduces debris in the machine caused by tapping
  • Reduces component cost by eliminating any special fasteners

Combine the Hybrid Threadform forming tool with other Mate applications such as EasyBend™ for forming corners, EasySnap™ to break apart pieces from the sheet, or an emboss tool to make it flush with the sheet metal.