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Bevel Tang Style press brake tooling is designed for those who demand the best and have exacting standards. All Mate Bevel Tang Style press brake tooling is manufactured from premium tool steel with the “business end” of the punch induction heat treated for extra durability.

Our Bevel Tang Style tooling includes a variety of punches, dies and accessories available in segmented, full length and half-length sizes to suit nearly any metal bending application. Bevel Tang Style products are incorporated into our European Precision Style catalog.

Mate press brake tooling is only available for sale in the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Bevel Tang Style Dies are available in the following lengths:die measurements

  • 1V Die

    1V dies available with angle range from 30 to 85 degrees and V openings between (0.708″)18mm to 6.299″(160mm).

  • 1v pillar die

    1V Pillar

    1V Pillar dies available with an angle range from 30 to 90 degrees, V openings from 0.236″(6mm) to 0.984(25mm) and heights of 3.149″(80mm) or 4.724″(120mm).

  • 2v bolt on die

    2V Bolt On

    2V Bolt On dies help increase efficiency with two openings on the same die. Available with angles ranging from 30 to 90 degrees and V openings from 0.157″(4mm) to as wide as 1.57″(40mm).

  • 2V Self Centering

    2V Self Centering dies eliminate the need for set screws. With two openings on the same die, efficiency is increased. Available with angles ranging from 30 to 90 degrees and V openings from 0.157″(4mm) to 0.984″(25mm).

  • Self centering die holder

    Self Centering Die Holders

    2V Self Centering die holders let you extend the height.

  • Multi V Die

    Multi V Dies

    Multi V dies offer the ultimate flexibility and efficiency with up to 4 V openings available. Available in angle ranges from to 180 degrees and V openings from 0.236″(6mm) to as wide as 1.968″(50mm).

  • Die Insert Holders

    Die Inserts

    Die inserts are available in angles of 30 or 88 degrees with V openings between 0.157″(4mm) and 0.984″(25mm).

  • Die Insert Holders

    Die Insert Holders

    Die insert holders are available in full or half lengths. Either length comes standard with a urethane compression strip, which is helpful when clamping segmented die inserts.

  • Urethane Inserts and Holders

    Urethane Inserts and Holders

    Urethanes help reduce sheetmarking in delicate materials or painted surfaces. Urethanes are available in 60, 80 and 90 durometer.

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Bevel Tang Style Punches are available in the following lengths:

punch measurements


  • Bevel Acute

    Acute Punch

    Acute punches are available in angles from 30 to 60 degrees.

  • Bevel Gooseneck Punch

    Gooseneck Punch

    Deep profile punches designed to allow for large return flanges in the workpiece.

  • Bevel Narrow Punch

    Narrow Punch

    The straight, narrow punch body allows flanges to wrap around both sides for bending symmetrical profiles.

  • Bevel Sash Punch

    Sash Punch

    A straight, thin punch with a sharp relief offset at the bottom that is perfect for making a door sash.

  • Bevel Standard Punch


    Low profile, “general purpose” punch that is perfect for bending 90 degree angles.



  • Bevel Hemming

    Hemming Tool

    Hemming tools are used to flatten or “hem” a part after the bend has been made. Mate hemming tools make the bend and hem in one operation.

  • Radius Inserts and Holders

  • Bevel Z Offset

    Z Offset Tool Inserts and Holders

    Combination punch and die sets that produce a Z shape in one stroke.

  • Moving Horns

    Moving Horns

  • Rotary Punch

    Rotary Punch



  • Bevel Clamp Plates

    Clamp Plates

    Clamp plates allow you to connect sectioned punches together when using an adaptor. Available with (shown) or without urethane.

  • Die Adapters

    Die Adapters

    Easily convert from one tooling style to another or extend the height of existing dies.

  • Nylon Inserts

    Nylon Inserts and Holders

  • Punch Adapters

    Easily convert from one tooling style to another or extend the height of existing punches.

  • Reference Squares

    Reference Squares

  • Urethane Film and Holders

    Urethane Film and Holders

    Reduce or eliminate sheet marking during bending operations on delicate or painted materials.