Mate Workholding

For Machinists by Machinists

Machinists are a special breed – expert metalheads who turn raw metal into something beautiful and useful. They’re called upon to perform miracles on a daily basis. Their ability to meet extreme quality specs and deadlines is often under appreciated. Sound familiar?

Like you, the metalheads at Mate Precision Technologies are also miracle makers. When our machinists and engineers couldn’t find the right workholding system for their needs, they built their own — something better, stronger, and bolder than what’s currently on the market. They built a new line of Mate workholding vises, bases, and mounts with features that can’t be beat:

  • Best-in-class accuracy and repeatability
  • Reduced setup time and process variability
  • Maximized holding power in a compact, modular design

Our line of vises, bases, and mounting systems is designed for quick change machining setups and multi-station or machine tool setups.

DynoGrip™ Self-Centering Vises

  1. Quick change jaws, hardened, interchangeable and reversible, no tools required to attach or remove
  2. Anti-Lift Design – the pusher and jaw exert downward force on the piece part
  3. Synchronized timed threads on both the lead screw and pushers – repeatable precision centering, interchangeable replacement components
  4. Mate’s QuickSpecs™ 2D bar code tag that is smartphone enabled and 3D graphic supported, with links to full product specs and CAD files
  5. Black Diamond™ surface treatment on vise body, pushers and jaws for maximum life

DynoLock™ Bases

  1. Raised contact pads ensures better flatness and improved machining debris removal
  2. Collar style pull stud engagement design – centering distribution for superior holding force and repeatability
  3. Precision probe hole for faster machine setup.
  4. Poka-Yoke alignment feature
  5. Mate’s QuickSpecs™ 2D bar code tag that is smartphone enabled and 3D graphic supported, with links to full product specs and CAD files

What Other Metalheads Are Saying

“In our 5-axis world, we were struggling with second operation workholding when we learned about Mate. You can feel the robustness in Mate’s vises the first time you clamp a part. Mate’s anti-lift jaw design really stood out against competitors, so we don’t worry about jaw lift anymore. The flexibility of their quick-change jaws also makes changeover a breeze. Mate’s vises solved all our workholding problems, instantly becoming our go-to workholding in the shop.”
– Jim Walser, Fastenal Manufacturing

“Mate workholding is a big improvement over what I was using. With the previous product, you had to dovetail anything that involved roughing. The gripping feature on Mate’s workholding is great! It works very well, even with parts that stick out a lot.”
– Zolten Glasso, Z9 Machining

“Damn you guys are the s***! I have the vise. Your stuff eats it all day and doesn’t even look used.”
-John Robinette, United Machine

“We needed to find a solution that would allow us to run all products in our product family on the same platform to maintain a consistent and repeatable machining process. I visited Mate and shared my concept with their Engineering team, who developed a feasible solution with partnered collaboration. It was a pleasure to work collaboratively with the Mate team. From concept to final product, the Mate team was focused on providing a robust solution and customer satisfaction. Mate went above and beyond to meet a tight delivery schedule so we could meet launch targets for the new machines.”
– Daniel Sloat, Resolve Medical Technologies

“I have run the same part on other vises however, when I switched to MATE I could instantaneously hear and notice the difference.”
-Daniel Strubel, Siemens Industry, Inc.

Machining Miracles Just Got Easier

This new line of vises, bases and mounting systems is designed, developed and manufactured in our Anoka, Minnesota, facility. Download our catalog and start machining more miracles.

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