Major HVAC Manufacturer Saves $100K Annually

When a major HVAC manufacturer starting buying newer Amada EM-series punch presses, they decided to standardize on Mate Ultra TEC® tooling. They soon learned that faster and more accurate tool changeovers can have a dramatic effect on saving time on the shop floor.


Over the past few years, the company had been using a competitor’s product. Mate Sales Engineer Jeff Krause provided on-site product demonstrations of Mate Ultra TEC tooling, emphasizing the key beneficial differences:

  • Quick length adjustment with positive guide engagements significantly reduces change over and setup time. The tool remains assembled during length adjustment.
  • Premium M2 high speed tool steel punches for extended grind life.
  • Tool-less, quick change strippers that are relived to provide extra grind life
  • Universal guides, with internal and external lubrication grooves, that do not require tools for assembly/disassembly.

The company started testing the Mate product and quickly started to see results. Later, the company began replacing its older Amada punch presses with new Amada EM-Series machines. The new EM-Series ran at much higher hit counts and speeds than the older machines, and also required the use of Amada’s ABS lubrication system. It was time to decide what tooling to use in the new machines. Combining Mate Ultra TEC’s superior grind life and performance, universal guide, fast setup and changeovers, the customer decided to make Mate Ultra TEC tooling its new standard.

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The Ultra TEC product setup quickly. Typical setups and changeovers with the competitor’s tooling took about 2 minutes; Mate Ultra TEC chopped those times in half to 1 minute. Mate’s Ultra TEC M2 punches also held their edges better and stayed in the machine longer than the competitor’s A18 product. Finally, the flexibility of Mate’s universal guide meant they could use their existing inventory and switch over gradually. The competitor’s standard and ABS products are different due to the key position. If they had stayed with the competitor’s product, they would have needed to buy hundreds of new guides up front.

The total savings by changing to Ultra TEC tooling was over $100,000:



  • 2 minutes per setup X 10 setups per day X 32 machines = 640 minutes or 10.7 hours/day
  • 7 hours X 252 = 2,696.4 hours per year
  • 2,696.4 hours X $75 loaded labor rate = $202,230 annually


  • 1 minute per setup X 10 setups per day X 32 machines = 320 minutes, or 5.3 hours/day
  • 3 hours X 252 days = 1,335.6 hours per year
  • 6 hours X $75 loaded labor rate = $100,170 annually

Annual savings from reduced setup = $102,060

Reduction in annual punch purchases:

39% reduction in overall punch purchases from $36,000 to $22,000 from better tool steel and additional grind life = $14,000

Total savings from Mate Ultra TEC tooling: $114,170