American Precision Style


Mate’s American Precision Style press brake tooling is a full line of precision ground punches and dies. This system has the widest options available for common height punches and dies, along with an industry first option to purchase by the inch—just specify and buy the tooling length required for your design.

All Mate American Precision Style punches come standard with our groundbreaking Maglock™ magnetic safety system (patent-pending), which is simple, easy, reliable and safe. Maglock uses rare earth magnets to attach and seat the punch to the holder with no separation between the surfaces. With no protrusions, the tang simplicity makes Maglock-equipped punches ideal for front loading of tooling and enables installation of tooling backward or forward.

Maglock™ Magnetic Safety System


Mate’s American Precision Style punches come standard with the groundbreaking Maglock™ Magnetic Safety System (patent-pending). Maglock uses permanently flush mounted magnets to attach and seat the punch into the punch holder. Utilizing extensive research, development and testing, each punch is configured with the proper quantity and position of magnets along the punch shoulder so the “up-force” safely and securely attaches the punch to the punch holder. To ensure that the magnetic field does not magnetize the surrounding punch and causes no magnetic effect on the sheet metal, the rare earth nickel clad magnets direct a strong but short field of attraction upward from the punch shoulder surface to create a safe and secure attachment.


The seating of the punch is essential or the safe operation of a brake. The installation of a punch with Maglock technology always results in the shoulder seated firmly to the holder. The “up-force” of 2.5 to 3 times the weight of the punch leaves no separation between he surfaces. The Maglock magnets “up-force” continues to work indefinitely when used properly. While Maglock makes seating the punch easy and safe, the holder clamping system must be engaged when a brake is in operation. Maglock does not claim to be, and is not intended to be, a replacement of the older clamping system.


Maglock technology is non-mechanical so there are no mechanical parts to damage. Punches that have mechanical designs (buttons, springs, pins and so forth) become unsafe to use if the mechanism is damaged or missing.  Maglock works safely all the time, every time.


The use of Mate punches with Maglock offers additional safety if electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic power to the brake is cut off or damaged. The magnetic attraction functions safely regardless of the status of the brake’s power.


The Maglock connection is strong yet balanced so that lateral positional adjustments to the punch (shifts left or right) are easy. Mate punches with Maglock are safer than mechanical designs for lateral movement, especially when a holder has a small gap or uneven step between holder clamps that can cause a mechanical design to bump or dislodge.


Mate punches with Maglock are available in any length between ½” and 18”. In lengths that are greater than 4”, the design includes a lever that facilitates the punch removal process by causing a slight separation to occur between the punch and the holder when depressed. The lever is designed so that it can be removed and installed as needed. This feature is helpful in cases where a return bend on the part may have interference with the lever. The Maglock connection to the holder is independent of the lever thus the tool is always safely seated.


Maglock™ technology rare earth magnets are safe when used as directed. These Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) permanent magnets are exempt from transportation restrictions CFR2011 Title 49 Vol 2  Sec  173.21  as  well as in compliance with UN2807, IATA PI 953 and the European Union’s Restrictions of Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) Directive  of 2002/95/EC  and 2011/65/EU (RoHS2).